Songkhla is a major port city. Located east of the southern coast since ancient times, when under the ancient city's oldest communities, historic antiques tradition. And local. Folk art as a cultural heritage that historic legacy.

          Songkhla is just visible in the first record of merchants and travelers ship between Arab Persian Year 1993-2093. Google Singh on behalf of the city's or Gordon Singh Bora, but the natural history books. And politics of the Kingdom of Siam said kilo Las Software Inc. Goldman's name in Songkhla that "the city Singkr" it is presumed that the word distortion from Songkhla name "Singh La" (Singapore - ha - La) or Singkr translation. Of that reason that Songkhla is the Singh leave. Caused by native merchants Cooper Financial. India has put the trade on the island of Cat Island woman, but look far to see two possessed a mouth guard lying in the entrance to the city of Songkhla. Singh has called this city that leave the Thai city of Ting called on Malaysia to contact the merchant city of Ting. Singh also called in but leave a weak voice distorted neck mold. When the white man to trade called weak core mold by Malaysia, but sound is distorted as a western dialect Singh Bora Golf (Singora) as voice calls row U Thai and western sound is distorted, Songkhla. Another reason a claim from Songkhla distorted "Singkr" means Mountain claimed that the city of Songkhla is located near his foot red. Later, you are graciously signed in Songkhla that. "Ciri lightning", which means consistent with geography.  

          King Military Academy you have the king's royal head that diagnosis, "Songkhla" Singh, formerly the City  A vowel on the end. U do not like it hat is subject to change. And the UK hat quivering tongues speak faster  and cut out remaining  Singapore -  - Bora, but a vote Singh  Synchronoss Bora Bora or a run as a cluster Singh Bora.  

         The city of Songkhla was a mark of Her prince Department Lopburi Luang Bora's Grand Sw when served Somuhetsapibal regent and South. Until the end of time King of New rules put you in the head cook but the year 2475 has collapsed and provincial sectors changes Province. Songkhla is a southern province to date.